Is Bitcoin Doomed?

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Rumors of bitcoin’s passing have been severely exaggerated. According to a site tracking “bitcoin obituaries,” a media has admitted a seven-year-old cryptocurrency passed some-more than 100 times, nonetheless a new resurgence has led to a tripling in bitcoin’s cost over the final year. It has survived cost crashes, cyber heists and village infighting, though bitcoin’s biggest hazard might still be fibbing dormant: quantum computers.    

Since they were initial theorized by a physicist Richard Feynman in 1982, quantum computers have betrothed to move about a new epoch of computing. It is usually comparatively recently that speculation has translated into poignant real-world advances, with a likes of Google, NASA and a CIA operative towards building a quantum computer. Computer scientists are now warning that a attainment of a ultra-powerful machines will ravage stream encryption methods and as a outcome move a tighten to a good bitcoin experiment—collapsing a technological foundations that bitcoin is built upon.

“Bitcoin is really not quantum mechanism proof,” Andersen Cheng, co-founder of U.K. cybersecurity organisation Post Quantum, tells Newsweek. “Bitcoin will end a really day a initial quantum mechanism appears.”

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