Is Bitcoin Failing, or We Failing Bitcoin? (Op-Ed)

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Is Bitcoin unwell as a new currency? It’s never pronounced outright, though it is implied, inferred, or theme to innuendo. The tongue is entrance from many of it’s beginning and many fervent supporters in a corporate world, though are they right? Are they only being desirous that it is not flourishing quick adequate for a final of their stockholders? Are they mismanaging their business plan, being contingent on Bitcoin’s US dollar value? Do they have a point? Is Bitcoin itself a problem? Is Bitcoin failing, or are we unwell Bitcoin?

First, let’s examination a rhetoric, that has gained movement over a second half of 2015. Uphold’s CEO, after a association rebranded from BitReserve, was dismissive on Bitcoin’s destiny as a banking to Business Insider. “I don’t consider bitcoin is going to be anywhere nearby as critical as people contend it is today. That’s a personal view,” he said.

BitPay’s CEO Stephen Pair said during MoneyConf in June, “We keep adding merchants, we’re adult to over 60,000 now, though they’re offered to a same pool of Bitcoin early adopters.” Recently, Taavet Hinrikus, a CEO of UK-based new peer-to-peer payments provider TransferWise, had some harsh difference for Bitcoin

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