Is Bitcoin Ready for the Next Global Financial Crisis?

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Andreas Antonopoulos is “perplexed” at why some Bitcoiners wish for a global financial crisis because, as he acknowledged, Bitcoin is still “not ready” to absorb such a shock.

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We Know It’s Coming

michael terpin
Michael Terpin

Bitcoin guru Andreas Antonopoulos shared his thoughts in a QA session with the audience at the recent D10E event in San Francisco on what would happen to Bitcoin in the event of another global financial crisis.

The question of what will happen to Bitcoin in the event of a “black swan” event, such as the collapse of Deutsche Bank, was asked by none other than Bitcoin investor, Michael Terpin.

“First of all, i don’t think that’s a black swan moment,” replied Antonopoulos. “We’ve seen it before. We know what it looks like. We know it’s coming. It’s probably going to come from somewhere we don’t expect like the third largest Italian bank you’ve never heard of.”

black swanThe author of Mastering Bitcoin may be on to something. reported

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