Is Bitcoin Really Money? Economics Professor Says ‘No’ In Landmark Criminal Case

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Should bitcoin be deliberate money? It is a doubt that banks, government, regulators and financial institutions around a universe have been grappling with for years, though now a doubt could finally be answered in a ground-breaking justice case, a outcome of that could have poignant impact on a cryptocurrency marketplace all over a world.

Michell Espinoza, a 32-year-old mechanism programmer, was arrested for attempted money-laundering in 2014 when he sole $1,500 worth of bitcoin to clandestine FBI agents who pronounced they were going to use them to buy stolen credit cards. Now in a Florida courtroom, Espinoza and his lawyers are perplexing to get a charges discharged on a drift that bitcoin, underneath Florida law, should not be tangible as tangible money.

This is suspicion to be a initial box of a kind and a statute by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Teresa Mary Pooler will be watched with good seductiveness not usually in a U.S., though around a world. “This is a many fascinating thing I’ve listened in this courtroom in a prolonged time,” Pooler pronounced on Friday. A statute is not approaching for several weeks yet.

Is Bitcoin Money? Money-Laundering Trial
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