Is Bitcoin Wallet Airbitz Scraping By?

Is Bitcoin Wallet Airbitz Scraping By?

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One of a many active companies in a space – sponsoring events, parties, and conferences – Airbitz has sought to put San Diego on a map for tech startups. But, could a organisation be treading water?  CEO Paul Puey posted yesterday in a Facebook organisation called “San Diego Tech Scene”  stating:

Hi all. Looking for table space for your startup? We have some desks to lease out during a bureau in downtown on 4th and K st. Awesome plcae with a common rooftop deck. Pet-friendly and tighten to all open transportation. Only $300 / month with giveaway Wifi, electricity, and coffee. Send me a summary if interested.

The cost isn’t that bad, depending on your coffee habit.

What’s think of a post is that it did not seem in San Diego’s Facebook Bitcoin group, that is used generally by several members of a Airbitz group to announce Meetup’s during their office, as good as announce Airbitz news. That a post did not seem there competence advise a Airbitz group motionless opposite informing a Bitcoin village that it was seeking

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