Is FinTech Australia Paving Way for Removing GST on Bitcoin Transactions?

The concepts of Bitcoin and FinTech seem to be confusing a large amount of politicians around the world, as their natural reaction is to overregulate these industries and preserve the financial ecosystem as we know it. But that situation is about to change, as FinTech Australia put together a manifesto for the federal government to expand the current ecosystem and allowing FinTech startups to breathe and grow at the same time.

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Collaboration Between Government And FinTech Australia

While it is crystal clear to a lot of people how something will have to change in the financial sector as we know it today, government officials are not always on the same page in this regard. There are those who see the benefit of FinTech and Bitcoin, whereas others will oppose the idea at any given opportunity. Only collaboration can create a healthy and innovative ecosystem, and Bitcoin and Fintech will play a big role in achieving that goal.

To give these matters a nudge in the right direction, a new group has been founded, called FinTech Australia. Members of this group all have a vested interest in

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