Is It Worth Buying Bitcoin Cloud Mining Prior To The Halving?

With the Bitcoin price continuing its upward trend, the question becomes how profitable it is to start mining again. With the Bitcoin halving nearly upon us, that question may have multiple answers, and comprise of both positive and negative aspects. Cloud mining could be well worth getting involved in, depending on how the mining landscape evolves in the next few months.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Has A Decent ROI For Now

TheMerkle-Bitcoin Cloud Mining ROI

It is important to note the Bitcoin mining profitability is affected by many different factors. The Bitcoin price is just one of the aspects, as there is also the mining difficulty to take into account. Moreover, miners are always competing against other people and companies for the same block reward. All of these factors have to be considered before purchasing equipment or cloud mining at any given time.

Looking at the available cloud mining contracts listed on CryptoCompare, it appears Bitcoin mining has a decent ROI right now. That is partially thanks to the higher Bitcoin price, which is offering miners increased rewards from their efforts. Cloud mining contracts, on the other hand, remain at virtually the same

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