Is Nautiluscoin a Scam?

NautiluscoinCNBC ran an article earlier this week announcing that the Greek Island of Agistri will test Brian Kelly’s Nautiluscoin. The tumultuous economic environment in Greece provides the opportune climate to deploy a new altcoin, Kelly argues. The CNBC article is a highlight reel for Nautiluscoin. It never mentions the serious challenges any altcoin faces, or that a rapid large scale deployment of a virtually unknown cryptocurrency is a pipe dream. That makes a lot more sense though, when you realize Brian Kelly is the article’s author.

What is Nautiluscoin?

Nautiluscoin was first heralded in a CNBC article (we’ll call this article “the 2014 article”) published more than a year ago. In the 2014 article, Brian Kelly documents his experience creating an altcoin using the now defunct In that article, Kelly admits his new altcoin has some flaws, and “I decided that the best use of Nautiluscoin was education.”

I have to assume that the Nautiluscoin Brain Kelly described

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