Is the Bitcoin XT Version Vulnerable to Hacking?

A number of news reports have alleged that Bitcoin XT users have been suffering coordinated hacking attacks. Recall that this version of the bitcoin software was released last month in order to force the network into a hard fork between the earlier Bitcoin Core software.

Bitcoin XT was created by lead developers Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn in order to allow the network to decide on whether or not to shift to the version of the software that increases the bitcoin block size limit to 8MB. Currently, the limit is at 1MB and many have complained about the long transactions times that this has caused.

Bitcoin XT Hack?

The bitcoin community has been split on the block size issue for quite some time, with some proposing the creation of sidechains or adopting bitcoin scaling instead. In fact, some developers penned and signed an open letter to the community, promoting a couple of events that could discuss scaling in a collaborative manner.

Developers are waiting for a 75% consensus to signal a shift to the newer Bitcoin XT version, but some have reported getting hacked after upgrading. Some say that this may have been conducted by those vehemently opposed to shifting to

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