Is The European Silicon Valley A Utopian Dream?

Silicon Valley remains an illustrious name in the world of technology and innovation. This small area in the United States is the one place where nearly all major technological breakthroughs come from. It goes without saying that various countries around the world would love nothing more than reach the same level as Silicon Valley, although that is quite an ambitious goal. But do some European cities have a legitimate shot at this title, or are they just living a utopian dream?

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Plenty of European ICT Hubs To Be Found

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One thing’s for sure, there is no lack in ICT efforts by European entrepreneurs and companies. Several cities can be pinpointed on the map as to where technological innovation is only a matter of time. However, there is still a long way to go before anyone can dream of building a European Silicon Valley.

Investors are eager to become a part of any tech unicorn right now, but they will still value US companies much higher than their European counterparts. As a result, the total valuation of

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