Is There A Privacy Backdoor In Bitcoin XT?

New code advertised by Bitcoin developers Michael Hearn and Gavin Andresen has proven controversial within the Bitcoin community. Bitcoiners are now distressed over what appears to be a privacy backdoor – or bug –  in a new proposed fork. Andresen and Hearn have called the new fork “Bitcoin XT,” and designed it to take the place of the existing Bitcoin protocol.

The Bitcoin XT project apparently bans Tor nodes. Pseudonymity has been a favorite feature of Bitcoin since its introduction to the world by the unknown programmer, Satoshi Nakamoto. Whether or not Tor nodes being block is a backdoor or a bug is unclear. As a post at the Linux Foundation states:

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Bitcoin XT contains an unmentioned addition which periodically downloads lists of Tor IP addresses for blacklisting, this has considerable privacy implications for hapless users which are being prompted to use the software. The feature is not clearly described, is enabled by default, and has a switch name which intentionally downplays what it is doing (disableipprio). Furthermore these claimed anti-DoS measures are trivially bypassed and so offer absolutely no protection whatsoever.

Connections are made over clearnet even when using a proxy or onlynet=tor, which leaks

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