Is There Any Reason Banks Shouldn’t Use Bitcoin?

If you were a large bank or another type of large financial interest, and you had finances say, in Greece, wouldn’t you potentially be looking for a good way to get them out quickly? Why wouldn’t you consider Bitcoin?

With Bitcoin, you could buy a large portion of them, and then transfer the money for a fraction of the cost, and then cash it back out into a fiat currency wherever you’ve sent it. For a bank, this would save a lot of time and money usually wasted on bank fees. For anyone else, it would represent a cheaper way of getting funds out of a dangerous environment.

Is there any reason banks shouldn’t consider using Bitcoin for large, international transfers? After all, the currency has been holding relatively stable in both directions, in many markets, for quite some time. It would be quite possible to expect the value to remain relatively stable for the duration of a transfer, after which the banks could push the bitcoins back out

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