Islamic State Probably Isn’t Using Bitcoin And, If So, They’re Dumb

News that Bitcoin can be tied to the Islamic State circulated on the internet in the wake of the Paris attacks. European Union leaders even held a so-called “emergency meeting” on virtual currencies themselves, reportedly investigating how to better control the currency.

To be sure, evidence that the Islamic State uses Bitcoin in any significant manner is non-existent, the claims specious at best.

Researcher Nicholas Weaver, from the Berkeley-based International Computer Science Institute, is aware of no evidence that the Islamic State uses Bitcoin.

“There was a recent material support plea against a Jihobbiest in the US where, among other things, including apparently attempting to facilitate travel to Syria, the conduct included making a guide for the Islamic State on how to use Bitcoin, but there is no indication of actual use of Bitcoin by IS or any other terrorist,” the Berkeley researcher told CCN. The Berkeley researcher, who received a BA in Astrophysics and Computer science in 1995, and his Ph.D in Computer

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