Issues with Coinbase Support; Bad Precedent for Bitcoin

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Ever since it launched, users of Coinbase have had experienced similar issues with the exchange regarding technical support for Bitcoin transactions and storage. According to various user complaints, it seems as if the exchange cares about its reputation significantly more than its loyal users.

Over the past few months, a substantial volume of user complaints have surfaced on online bitcoin forums, particularly on reddit bitcoin (/r/bitcoin) and btc (/r/btc). Self posts with a lot of upvotes had Coinbase Support respond immediately, while users that contacted Coinbase via email or their support system failed to be addressed for months.

On August 26, a self post on Reddit entitled “Last resort: Can’t withdraw 50 BTC from Coinbase vault. Support doesn’t help and breaks their own set deadlines. Forced to escalate it on social media,” was published on Reddit. Unlike other posts in the past, this particular self post attracted hundreds of upvotes and comments, triggering a major debate over the justification and legitimacy of Coinbase Support on Reddit.

The issue of the user was, Coinbase made false promises and failed to meet their own deadlines, delaying support for a user for nearly six weeks. The user had

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