Italian Taxi Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin

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Italy’s biggest cab firm, Cooperative RadioTaxi 3570, announced progressing this month that it is now usurpation a digital currency, bitcoin, as a form of remuneration to a customers, according to

With 3,700 cars in a collateral of Italy, responding 30,000 calls a day, and providing some-more than 10,000,000 cab services via a year, it is a biggest cab organisation in Europe. This proclamation serve expands a companies strech during a time when bitcoin’s expansion shows no signs of slowing.

Bitcoin Made Possible

Through a partnership with Chainside, a startup located in London and Italy that enables companies to accept bitcoin, a cab organisation has successfully extended their remuneration strech to embody bitcoin. Its other remuneration choices embody credit card, PayPal, and Bancomat.

In September, Chainside assimilated adult with a owner of a Italian Union of Radio Cabs (URI), Loreno Bittarelli. He is also a boss of RadioTaxi 3570.


Last year, RadioTaxi 3570 and Chainside, co-hosted a hackathon for a cab attention in Rome called ‘TaxiHack’. The hackathon was a initial for a attention that drew on new ideas for a cab industry, that saw a leader as BitTaxi, an app that allows business to compensate with bitcoin for the

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