It’s 2016, What Are Bitcoin’s Real Use Cases?

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It has now been 8 years given Satoshi Nakamoto expelled his peer-to-peer digital money complement to a world, and a discuss over either or not a remuneration network and banking have any real, long-term value is still undecided. Having pronounced that, some real-world use cases have emerged. Bitcoin transaction volume continues to grow year-to-year, that means someone, somewhere finds Bitcoin to be a correct approach to send value online.

Although there are many opposite reasons as to because someone would turn meddlesome in Bitcoin, there are 5 that mount out from a rest.

1. Digital Gold

Nathaniel Popper picked a ideal pretension for his book, Digital Gold, that sum a story of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has many facilities identical to gold, and it’s superior in some-more ways than one (more divisible, portable, durable, etc.). The usually area where a digital banking can't contest with earthy bullion is fungibility, though that’s an emanate that might be solved in a destiny around remoteness improvements to a system.

The several use cases of a Bitcoin blockchain are what expostulate Bitcoin’s value as a digital gold. Much as gold’s underlying value lies in the use in valuables or electronics,

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