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Jeff Garzik Defends Hard Fork Solution for Bitcoin Block Size Issue

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Jeff Garzik, a bitcoin formula maestro who recently launched a Bloq code-for-hire use to rise blockchain features, continues to urge a tough flare resolution to a bitcoin scaling challenge. Garzik has intent with individuals who remonstrate with him on Twitter in a final few days.

Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik

Everyone agrees a retard distance needs to enhance if a bitcoin network is going to routine a incomparable volume of transactions. But a resolution has proven evasive. Garzik has voiced his dismay during a series of people who have due regulating technically defective systems to boost a retard size.

Bitcoin Block Needs To Expand

Garzik has pronounced he supports augmenting a retard distance over a stream 1 MB. He has pronounced bitcoin has to be used by some-more than a million people if it is going to turn a poignant currency.

He would like to see Segregated Witness (Segwit) deliver a tough fork. Such an ascent will need users to determine to a rule

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