JM Bullion Announces Discounted Precious Metals for Bitcoin Users

Bitcoin and precious metals are often referred to in the same breath, as both types of investment vehicle seem to share similar traits. Neither Bitcoin nor gold has any intrinsic value, yet they appear to be well-liked by investors all over the world. For those Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to buy precious metals, they might want to take a look at what JM Bullion has to offer, as they are now accepting digital currency payments.

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JM Bullion is a Leader in Precious Metals

Although JM Bullion is not the first precious metals dealer to accept Bitcoin payments, they are by far one of the most well-respected companies to do so. This US-based company is listed as one of the most trusted providers of precious metals in the United States.

When browsing the JM Bullion website, it becomes clear this company has one of the largest collections of gold and silver items. But they are also specialized in other precious metals, such as copper and platinum. Whether one is looking for coins, bars, or even bullets, JM Bullion will most likely have it in their catalog.

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