John McAfee SwiftMail: Using Blockchain Technology for Email Verification

John McAfee SwiftMail is a free, decentralized, peer-to-peer, proof-of-work, encrypted mail system that uses blockchain technology to conduct email verification. The software uses 0.001 SwiftCoin to send mail and attachments to any device running Android, Windows or Ubuntu. The mail recipient will send back 0.001 SwiftCoin to reply.

SwiftCoin is a free-floating, market based, decentralized, peer-to-peer, proprietary proof-of-work digital currency and transaction network developed by Daniel Bruno, CMT. This shares a lot of similarities to bitcoin and its distributed public ledger.

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Blockchain Technology and Email

In addition, SwiftCoin can be freely bought and sold for Bitcoin and the currencies of all countries. This cryptocurrency’s blockchain technology confirms all mail and payment transactions without any centralized approval or manual intervention.

The SwiftMail address is similar to the bitcoin wallet address, except that it stores messages rather than funds or transactions. Using the John McAfee SwiftMail, you can be able to confirm whether the person who sent the email to you is a trusted identity or not.

This application can generate a lot of interest especially since spam mail has continued to circulate online, with some strategies linking the email

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