John McAfee to Launch Giant Bitcoin Mining Operation in a US

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It is feared by many that a complete prevalence of Bitcoin mining by a handful of Chinese firms will doom a cryptocurrency. However, notwithstanding a fact that general competitors such as KnCMiner were driven to bankruptcy, a new try dares to take on China with a trickery in a US no less.

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. (NYSE MKT: MGT) has cumulative a plcae with a engaged low cost hydro energy source (electric dam) in executive Washington state to launch a trickery generating over dual PetaHash in estimate power. This trickery is approaching to be entirely operational by Aug 1, 2016, and has enlargement ability to scarcely 10 PetaHash.

The association says that stream pricing sourroundings of bitcoin and other digital resources joined with a recover of new 16 nanometer ASIC chips provides a poignant event to beget glorious distinction margins. Additionally, as a direct for transaction estimate grows, it can route a mining machines towards ancillary other tasks on a Blockchain.

Infamous cyber confidence colonize and founder of the first blurb anti-virus program, John McAfee, is MGT’s due Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In further to him, the entrepreneur Robert Collazo was selected to lead this venture.

McAfee stated: “In sequence to accommodate a estimate direct for the future

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