John McAfee to Run for US President after Creating Own ‘Cyber Party’

The Anti-Virus software millionaire and Bitcoin supporter John McAfee has announced he is running in the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.   

Into the fray

McAfee has filed with the Federal Election Commission, reports campaign director Kyle Sandler. The tycoon believes he can snag quite a bit of votes with his campaign for privacy and his newly created “Cyber Party.” McAfee told Wired:

“It’s clear that the leadership of our country is illiterate on the fundamental technology that supports everything in life for us now, that is cyber science, our smartphones, our military hardware, our communications.”

The estranged computer magnate who fled Belizean police in 2012, due to a possible connection to the murder of his neighbor, is not one to keep quiet. McAfee claims he will win the race due to a “huge underground following on the web” and says he’s received encouragement from “almost everyone,” while adding that his primary motive is the government’s intrusions with security and surveillance.

McAfee added:

“I have thousands of emails saying please run for President. It’s not something I would just choose to do on my own.”

The tech entrepreneur hasn’t yet named his team members or those

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