Jon Matonis Believes the Block Size Debate is a Precursor to a Block Reward Debate

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but sometimes people say things that just don’t make sense. Jon Matonis had such a moment this morning on Twitter. Here he goes, before much more is written here:


This might be how we know that the block size debate is getting out of control when people have the opportunity to make such presumptuous statements as that. At no time has any prominent proponent of increasing the block size spoken of increasing the block reward or removing the 21 million coin limit. Bitcoin Core development is not a central bank, and, as at least one person told Matonis on Twitter, removing the standing limit on the number of coins to eventually exist would spell the end of the currency. Likewise, raising the block reward prematurely would mean that limit would be reached sooner.

Matonis was not without his reasoning. He says that “free riders” who pay no transaction fees are will be to

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