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Jonas Schnelli on Why Elected Officials May Not Be Good for Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Core writer Jonas Schnelli was recently featured in a row contention about improvements to Bitcoin during a 2016 MIT Bitcoin Expo. During a QA apportionment of a panel, an assembly member asked a participants about a prior display by a World Bitcoin Network’s James D’Angelo in that he articulated a thought of replacing miners with inaugurated officials.

In general, a panel, that also featured Blockstream core tech operative Mark Friedenbach, Blockstream mathematician Andrew Poelstra and Lightning Network co-creator Joseph Poon, had a disastrous greeting to a judgment of regulating democracy to hoop changes to Bitcoin’s accord rules. Schnelli used his knowledge with direct democracy in Switzerland to make his points.

Voting Requires an Informed Public

Although Schnelli has a certain take on Switzerland’s use of approach democracy, he does not perspective a complement as a useful choice for Bitcoin. In his view, a intricate, technical sum of Bitcoin make approach democracy a bad choice for governance. Schnelli explained:

“Voting or democracy is good, though we live in Switzerland ‒ one of a usually countries where we have approach democracy ‒ and with democracy we need to know a subject you’re

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