JUL 23 DIGEST: New XT Version Will Include ‘Bigger Block Size Only’ Branch; Factom Raises $1.1 Million

Mike Hearn says the new XT version will include a “bigger blocksize only” branch; Factom raises US$1.1 million in crowdsale; Australian Securities regulator blocks Bitcoin IPO and more top stories for July 23.

Hearn: New XT Version Will Include ‘Bigger Blocksize Only’ Branch

Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn has said that the new XT version will include a “bigger blocksize only” branch as a compromise for the blocksize debate. In a Reddit post, Mr. Hearn also mentioned that developers are working on a manifesto that will lay out the principles for future development.


“Once XT 0.11A is launched (which will include the bigger blocks patchset by Gavin and myself), there will be a separate git branch that is Core 0.11 + only those patches and nothing else. Whilst we won’t provide downloadable binaries of that branch, anyone who wants to can just compile it in the usual manner and get what you’re asking for.”

Australian Securities Regulator blocks Bitcoin IPO

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), has put on hold a planned Bitcoin IPO by Bitcoin Group Ltd, a cryptocurrency firm seeking to debut on the Australian Securities Exchange, for undisclosed reasons. Before this, the country’s chief securities regulator had also

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