JUL 3 DIGEST: Escort Teaches Other Escorts about Bitcoin; BNP Paribas Calls …

A San Francisco escort has written a guide for other escorts to teach them how to accept bitcoin for their services; banking giant BNP Paribas regards Bitcoin a major disruptive invention as well as other top stories for July 3.

After Credit Card Blockade of Backpage.com, Escort Teaches Other Escorts about Bitcoin

Visa and MasterCard said this week that they will no longer let cardholders make any purchase on Backpage.com, the classified advertising website which is best known for its mature content. In response, San Francisco escort Liara Roux has now written a guide for other escorts to teach them how to accept bitcoin for their services.


“American Express, Visa, and MasterCard are no longer accepted at Backpage.com. This is obviously an awful situation; many sex workers rely heavily on Backpage for their business. While it would be wonderful to have a magic wand and fix this problem, bitcoin is one of the few payment methods still accepted by Backpage and I want to make sure those who need it can use it.”

BNP Paribas: Bitcoin is a Disruptive Invention

BNP Paribas, one of the largest banks in the world, has released a new report in which the bank details two scenarios for the integration of blockchain technology

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