JUN 18 DIGEST: Elliptic Announces Breakthrough in Bitcoin AML Compliance …

One of the agents charged with stealing bitcoins from Silk Road will plead guilty; the European Banking Authority believes a 51% attack is Bitcoin’s biggest threat; universal wallet Coinomi integrates with Shapeshift API and more top stories for June 18.

Elliptic Announces a Breakthrough in Bitcoin Anti-money Laundering

Bitcoin analytics and security firm Elliptic has announced a technological breakthrough in bitcoin transaction monitoring and compliance. The platform that the company has given the name The Bitcoin Big Bang is an interactive visualization that plots the emergence and interconnectivity of the key players in Bitcoin since 2009.

Kevin Beardsley, Elliptic:

“We’ve managed to create an interactive visualization of the historic and real-time flow of the bitcoin ecosystem. The idea being that the underlying technology can deliver a whole suite of ground-breaking real time AML compliance products.”

Ex-U.S. Agent to plead guilty for Silk Road Bitcoin Theft

Shaun Bridges, one of two former U.S. agents charged with diverting money seized from Silk Road to their private coffers will plead guilty and give up all the money he collected during the investigations.

EBA: 51% Attack as Bitcoin’s Biggest Threat

Dr. Dirk Haubrich, head of consumer protection and financial innovation at the European Banking Authority (EBA), has said that Bitcoin’s biggest threat

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