JUN 26 DIGEST: Blythe Masters Acquires Hyperledger and Bits of Proof; Seals With Clubs Operator Agrees to Plea Deal

Blythe Masters’ Digital Asset Holdings acquires San Francisco-based Hyperledger and Budapest-based Bits of Proof; Seals with Clubs operator Bryan Micon reaches plea deal to avoid jail time and more top stories for June 26.

Blythe Masters’ Blockchain Startup Makes Two Acquisitions

Digital Asset Holdings, the startup run by former JP Morgan Chase executive Blythe Masters, announced the acquisition of San Francisco-based Hyperledger and Budapest-based Bits of Proof. The two blockchain startups will help Digital Asset Holdings overhaul how Wall Street settles trades.

In a statement, Masters said:

“Hyperledger and Bits of Proof add valuable new dimensions to our product offering and great talent to our team.”

Blythe Masters Blockchain Startup Makes Two Acquisitions

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Seals With Clubs Operator Bryan Micon Agrees to Plea Deal

Bryan Micon, who ran the bitcoin-fueled poker site Seals With Clubs, has agreed to plead guilty to avoid jail time.

Should Micon complete a still-undetermined probation on a felony count of operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system and pay a US$25,000 fine, the charge will be reduced to a gross misdemeanor. Micon also agreed to give up computers, US$900 in cash and 3.0996 Bitcoins that gaming authorities seized from his home.


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