Kaiko: Real-time Data Source for Bitcoin Price, Network, Mining and Transactions

Bitcoin and blockchain analytics startup Challenge Deep has rebranded its service to Kaiko, to provide comprehensive, real-time data of bitcoin prices, exchanges, network, mining, blockchain and transactions.

The Kaiko platform features a bitcoin price index, market data of major exchanges and an all-inclusive blockchain explorer. Advanced and high profile investors are also provided with live block size and mining data in various charts, explicating the smallest bitcoin market data such as average transaction fees and volumes.

“We want Kaiko to be the bitcoin industry’s data barometer,” says founder and CEO Pascal Gauthier.

“Whatever you need to know about this amazing new scene, whatever data you need to crunch to find positions and uncover trends, it’ll be available here,” Gauthier added.

According to the Kaiko team, its statistics of bitcoin and the blockchain network are some of the industry’s most useful and beneficial data for bitcoin startups, exchanges and payments processing platforms.

Kaiko live price index features an average of bitcoin’s current value in three of the most-traded currencies, which includes the large China-based exchanges that holds more than 50% of bitcoin market share.

Active traders are provided with detailed charts which display the differing bitcoin prices at various bitcoin exchanges, with advanced order book visualization for each platform. In a unified interface, traders can find exact time and size of each block, with a mempool guide to represent precise transaction data.

Precise market and transaction data of the entire Bitcoin network would allow bitcoin exchanges and investors to understand the fast-paced and ever-changing trend of bitcoin.

“A solid data foundation is mandatory in any industry,” Gauthier continued. “No-one can act without it. What kind of business to launch, where to position it, what time is right, etc. A solid data foundation is mandatory before making any of these decisions,” explained Gauthier.


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