Keeping Funds a In A Bank Account Versus Buying Bitcoin

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Ever since Bitcoin gained some mainstream traction, there have been people who openly oppose the idea. Some people will even go as far as claiming how keeping money in the bank is a much safer option. This is not entirely surprising, considering some people do not grasp the concept of financial freedom. With negative interest rates looming over consumer’s bank accounts, is it such a safe option as some people believe?

A Colourful History for Bitcoin So Far

It has to be said; Bitcoin has been attracting all kinds of unwanted attention as well. Malware and ransomware are giving cryptocurrency an even worse reputation than it already has. Anything that has some form of financial value will attract criminals sooner or later, and Bitcoin Is no exception to this rule, unfortunately.

Despite this negative attention, the success of Bitcoin is not diminishing by any means. Investors, and even regular consumers see cryptocurrency as a way to hedge against financial turmoil. At the same time, there are those who find this whole idea ludicrous, and strongly feel keeping money in a bank account is the safer option.

To put this into perspective, putting money in

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