Keeping One Eye On MGT’s Bitcoin Operations

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By Scott Tzu

The bitcoin angle on MGT (NYSEMKT:MGT) is positively an engaging one. We wanted to write about because this angle has us curiously examination a association that we don’t trust is anywhere nearby investable during a stream state. But we’re watching.

MGT is a association that we have been examination over a final few months. We have attempted to say a neutral position on a association and yield offset looks as to some of a ongoing tale surrounding a company. Most recently, we attempted to assistance investors know what a company’s new SEC summons could meant and what NYSE could have been meditative when they prevented a association from arising a shares required for MGT to make a designed acquisition.

Today, we wanted to write about because we are gripping one eye on MGT’s bitcoin mining operations. While we are not advocating for a position in a company, generally now that it has regulatory inspection on it, a mining of bitcoin is a initial business associated judgment to come out of a association that has intrigued us in a smallest bit.

Yesterday, a association expelled a press

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