KeepKey adds Ethereum support offers 20 pct discount on BlackFriday

KeepKey, a Seattle-based hardware wallet provider, has announced integration with Ethereum due to soaring community demand.

With daily trading volumes increasing and recent hard forks ironing out several DDoS issues, Ethereum has been gaining significant traction in the cryptocurrency market and was added to the KeepKey roster in response to countless user requests, the company said. It will go live on KeepKey device from Friday morning.

“Of all the assets we get asked to support on KeepKey, Ethereum is by far the most requested. It’s a massive project with a huge following and we are thrilled to release our public beta on Friday. The KeepKey and KeepKey Chrome Extension will be the first hardware wallet and application that supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum in one single user interface”, CEO of KeepKey Darin Stanchfield said.

Ethereum is the second most valuable digital asset with a total market capitalization of nearly $845 million USD. To celebrate the landmark integration and maintain the Black Friday retail tradition, KeepKey is marking down its devices to $79 (from $99) – a 20% sale – for a 24-hour period beginning 8:00 am EST on November 25, 2016. It is available on Amazon and the company website.

“User account security is one of the most important problems that must be dealt with for blockchain technology to achieve mass consumer adoption, and we highly welcome efforts like KeepKey that aim to solve this challenge”, Cofounder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin said.

With the Ethereum support, users will be able to manage multiple Ethereum accounts with multiple addresses, seamlessly swap between tokens through the ShapeShift functionality, and maintain full recovery capability through the single KeepKey recovery sentence.

“Ethereum and Bitcoin on one hardware device provides immense value to the digital asset ecosystem. Companies like KeepKey have done more to advance individual financial security than banks have done in the past hundred years”, CEO of ShapeShift Erik Vorhees said.

Stanchfield noted that Ethereum users are facing the same security issues that Bitcoin users face, that is, securing private keys. He said that KeepKey makes Ethereum security simple and users can feel safe transacting without worrying if their computer has been compromised.

“Crypto assets vary in their characteristics, and attract the use of different audiences for different use cases. The trend for investing and holding multiple types of assets is growing and KeepKey now makes this both simpler and safer”, Stanchfield said. “We are also excited to embrace the tradition of Bitcoin Black Friday, which started in 2012. The cost of our device will be lowered for one day because it will help spread the adoption for better, more cost effective security not just for Bitcoin, but all crypto assets,”

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