KeepKey Hardware Wallet Goes on Sale @ $239

KeepKey, the much awaited hardware bitcoin wallet is finally out! These secure wallets are now available online on Amazon. With the launch of this new device, bitcoin users now have a secure option to store their bitcoins offline.

KeepKey hardware bitcoin wallet is a product of KeepKey LLC — a Bothell, Washington based company. KeepKey wallets are built on the original Trezor software fork and has a great design. The sleek modern design includes a large OLED screen that give it a modernistic feel. The wallet supports multiple cryptocurrency variants including bitcoin, litecoin, dash, dogecoin and namecoin.

KeepKey hardware wallets are priced at $239. Its Amazon listing states that the device is virus and malware proof. It allows users to create unlimited wallets. Combined with altcoin support, the device also works with Electrum and MultiBit. The device comes with a two year warranty on parts and labor.

Compared to other hardware bitcoin wallets, KeepKey is priced at the higher end, which is close to $40 higher than Case wallet. Case hardware bitcoin wallets are currently available at $199 a pop on pre-order. Other wallets are available at much cheaper prices. Trezor

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