Keynote 2015: Reinventing Finance with Distributed Ledger Technology

Top executives, legal experts and entrepreneurs will be gathering in Los Angeles for Keynote 2015 to investigate the potential of distributed ledger technology and what kind of impact it will have on banking and financial services.

Keynote 2015

Fintech conference Keynote 2015 is coming on August 3 at the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The event will spotlight the revolutionary “distributed ledger” technology also known as the blockchain, the underlying backbone of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Keynote 2015 will also look at how this sector is expected to impact the NASDAQ, global banking and the investment arena.

“While some still regard Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency with skepticism, more and more blue-chip companies are investing time and resources into studying the distributed ledger,” said Moe Levin, Keynote 2015’s founder. “It behooves everyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve to learn as much as they can about this groundbreaking technology, and this conference is creating the perfect environment for that education.”

The event will include speakers, discussions on the distributed ledger’s effect on transactions, payments and contracts, and other topics of vital interest to first-movers as well as

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