Keza App Allows Users To Invest Bitcoin In Stocks And Fixed Income...

Keza App Allows Users To Invest Bitcoin In Stocks And Fixed Income Portfolios

Keza, a New York-based startup, launched an iOS app that allows users to deposition bitcoin in bonds and bound incomes, according to Nasdaq. There are moderate, regressive and assertive portfolios. The association has lifted $357,000 and is corroborated by Digital Currency Group and Jason Calacanis of HOF Capital.

The riskier a portfolio, a larger a bearing to flighty resources like unfamiliar stocks. Once a user picks a portfolio, they can deposition bitcoin and lane investments over time. There is a 1% upkeep fee, according to a Keza website.

Stefan Britton and Simon Burns, association founders, came adult with a thought after looking for options to deposition bitcoin.

Duo Uncovers A Financial Need

“My co-founder and we had been reviewing all of a options to deposition a bitcoin and kept looking for a product that only didn’t seem to exist,” Burns said. “We started coding and putting together an MVP, that MVP got us into Boost.VC and grown a prophesy for a company.” (BoostVC is a record startup accelerator

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