Kim Dotcom Vouches to Raise $100 Million for MegaNet’s January Debut

Controversial entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced his mysterious MegaNet venture will become a reality early next year, vouching to raise US$100 million in funding.

A Twitter update by Dotcom states that MegaNet, which combines the internet with the unalterable record-keeping capabilities of the blockchain, will be open to crowdfunding from January 20, 2016 – four years since the paramilitary raid on his home by the New Zealand police.

The German multimillionaire, who has also announced the completion of a US$40 million funding round for his extant filesharing service MEGA, has been outspoken on issues of mass surveillance and freedom of information online. His once-omnipresent filesharing network, from whose remains MEGA was created, was previously shut down by authorities.

MegaNet, a network which is thought will run without IP addresses, would facilitate complete user privacy and be completely decentralized, with Dotcom further tweeting that he “would raise $100 million” in funding.