KnC Miner Pays 30% of Employees Using Xapo Debit Cards


This week, KnC Miner began offering each of its employees Xapo Debit Cards for salary payouts. So far, around 30 pecent of its employees are participating.

KnC Miner is a bitcoin mining company, and therefore, most of its employees already have their own selection of bitcoin wallets, cold storage solutions and investments. The company decided to use Xapo Debit Cards for its convenience, since Xapo Debit Cards can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard or Visa.

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“A large percentage of our staff are real Bitcoin aficionados and of course they already own bitcoins and operate their selection of wallets, cold storage solutions etc.,” Nanok Bie of KnC Miner told Bitcoin Magazine. “Some have also invested in Bitcoin via the instrument Bitcoin Tracker One listed on NASDAQ/OMX in Stockholm, issued by a subsidiary to KnC. The Xapo Debit card is just another convenient solution, as it can be used to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.”

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