KnC Miner, Slush Pool & BitFury at Odds Over Block Size Increase

Three of the biggest Western mining pools – representing a total of some 19% of hashing power on the Bitcoin network – stand divided on raising the block size limit.

An inquiry by CoinTelegraph has shown that both KNCMiner and Slush Pool are in favor of Gavin Andresen’s proposal(s) to raise this limit. But the biggest of the three, BitFury, is more conservative. As such, a network-wide switch to Bitcoin XT to allow for bigger blocks seems even more unlikely, for now.

Block Size Limit

Lacking consensus among Core developers on how and when to raise the block size limit, former lead developer Gavin Andresen recently shifted his efforts to Mike Hearn’s Bitcoin Core fork, Bitcoin XT.

In a hard fork proposal, Andresen schedules to raise the block size limit on Bitcoin XT from 1 to 8 MB by 2016, after which it should double every other year. Andresen hopes that a grand majority of Bitcoin users will make the switch to Bitcoin XT as well. This would effectively enable an increase of Bitcoin’s block size limit without reaching consensus on such a change in Bitcoin Core.

An increased block size limit would in turn allow for more

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