KnCMiner Is Hiring Talented Coders To Grow Bitcoin Ecosystem

Job creation is an important aspect of the Bitcoin and virtual currency ecosystem, as more jobs are created in this sector compared to anywhere else.  Granted, landing a job in the Bitcoin world is not without risks, but neither is a regular job.  KnCMiner, one of the largest Bitcoin hardware manufacturers outside of China, is looking to add more members to their staff.

KnCMiner To Build More Things On Top of the Bitcoin Network

Whenever a discussion regarding the development potential of blockchain technology comes up, people automatically start thinking of financial solutions.  It is no secret that the Bitcoin blockchain can be used for nearly every financial scenario experts can think of, as it allows for instantaneous transfers of value all around the world, at minimal costs.

That being said, the Bitcoin blockchain can do so much more than just serving a financial purpose.  Storing and sending files online, claiming digital ownership and copyright, or even a transparent form of voting, are just some of the possibilities.  Very few projects are thinking outside of the box of finance at this time and KnCMiner hopes to change that.

KnCMiner is one of those Bitcoin companies checking all of the right boxes: a non-hierarchical, collaborative and team-oriented foundation is what the company prides itself on.  Additionally, rather than sticking to one, or a few programming languages, KnCMiner writes code in nearly every language you can think of, including Angular and Python.

Bitcoin companies can only evolve by keeping the idea of decentralization in mind.  This is one of the reasons why KnCMiner’s team shares all information with the entire team, to remove any central point of failure in the coding process.  The main goal is to deliver fast and reliable Bitcoin transactions all around the world and doing so as fast as possible.

Coding skills are an important prerequisite to land a major job in the Bitcoin ecosystem and KnC welcomes any engineer with a Bachelor or Masters degree in computer sciences.  However, those who can present a portfolio representing equal experience n the field as they would obtain through higher education, are more than welcome to apply for a job as well.

There is one major hurdle, though: everyone who works for KnC must relocate to Stockholm, Sweden, as this is the place where the company’s headquarters are located.  Working from a remote location might be possible in the future, but applicants will have to show up in Stockholm every so often.

Successful Ecosystem Leads To More Jobs Created

People who complain or worry that it is too late to get involved with Bitcoin are not looking ahead sufficiently.  The Bitcoin price is still fairly low and creates an opportune time to invest right now.  But even if you are not willing to make a financial commitment just yet, earning your first Bitcoins by landing a high-profile job is still possible as well.

In fact, as the Bitcoin ecosystem becomes more successful, there will be even more job opportunities that need to be filled.  Most of these jobs might require applicants to relocate, but that could be the case with traditional jobs as well.  Supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem can be done in a multitude of ways and creating the next major platform on top of the Bitcoin blockchain is a great place to start.

Source: KnCMiner Blog

Images courtesy of KnCMiner, Shutterstock