Komodo Platform: Blockchain for Everyone

Blockchain technology has brought us unparalleled tools that allow us to achieve some degree of financial freedom. However, several aspects of cryptocurrency force us to pick and choose which features we value the most: efficiency, privacy, stability, speed, etc. However, it does not have to be like this. The Komodo Platform has put tools in place that can help cryptocurrencies achieve mass adoption and consumer satisfaction by allowing users to benefit from all the advantages that they provide without the need to sacrifice what they like best about national currencies.

The Komodo Platform is fueled by Komodo coins, a cryptographic token that allows users to protect their identity with zero knowledge proofs, a technology first developed by the Zcash project. To protect privacy and ensure that no double-spending or hacks take place on the Komodo blockchain, a notarization process known as Delayed Proof of Work has been created. This mechanism relies on special nodes that publish the history of the Komodo blockchain on Bitcoin’s in order to notarize it. Once these two important tools are in place (Privacy and Security), special features that were not possible before can be implemented.

Many merchants and even

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