Konrad S. Graf: The Bitcoin Block Size Political Economy

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Bitcoin.com got the chance to sit down with respected Bitcoin thinker Konrad S. Graf and talk about the ongoing Bitcoin block size controversy. By applying the theories of political economy to the issue, Graf believes that the 1 MB block size limit is akin to a government mandated output ceiling. To get the details on where Graf stands, read on.

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Bitcoin Block Size Political Economy

Konrad S. Graf has published articles on Bitcoin monetary theory and action-based legal philosophy and has presented on these topics at conferences in Europe and Australia. In 2015, he published Are Bitcoins Ownable? a monograph on bitcoin and property rights theory. His article, “Commodity, scarcity, and monetary value theory in light of Bitcoin,” appeared in The Journal of Prices Markets in 2014. His late-2013 monograph On the Origins of Bitcoin was among the final three for a Blockchain Award in 2014 for most insightful academic paper (Satoshi won). His work is collected at konradsgraf.com. You can follow Graf on Twitter @KonradSGraf.

Bitcoin.com (BC): You mentioned to me that you’ve thought a lot about the block size limit, but haven’t publicly spoken about it much before

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