Korean Television Reports Growing Bitcoin Awareness

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Korean inhabitant television and renouned news network recently featured Bitcoin entrepreneurs Simon Dixon and Roger Ver to denote how bitcoin is used mostly to settle counterpart to counterpart exchange in Korea.

Since 2014, an augmenting series of venture-backed bitcoin startups including Coinplug and Korbit have emerged, enabling Korean bitcoin users and traders to squeeze and sell bitcoin with ease.


Korean bitcoin startups, privately Coinplug have sponsored bitcoin meetups, conferences and events to boost mainstream bitcoin recognition in Korea. Due to these efforts, a series Korean bitcoin users have grown significantly over a past few years, as cafes, restaurants and attire stores in Seoul and Pusan have begun to accept bitcoin.

Bitcoin entrepreneurs and investors including Simon Dixon and Roger Ver explained in an talk that they see a outrageous intensity for bitcoin in a Korean market, formed on a flourishing bitcoin attention and village in a country.

“It is a record that changes all in Finance,” explained BankToTheFuture CEO and co-founder Simon Dixon during an interview. “It acts as a banking since people can send value probably giveaway anywhere around a world. It also

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