KPMG posts about Bitcoin and Business Development

KPMG, one of a largest professional services companies in a universe and one of the Big Four auditors, has posted an essay about Bitcoin an Business Development. The essay has been created by Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz, CEO and cofounder of Law Bitcoin. He also worls as tax counsel in KPMG Spain.

One of a many engaging issues mentioned in a essay is a heterogeneity of a regulations enacted around a creation associated to Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies (AML/KWC), and taxation. In this context it could be formidable for Bitcoin companies to approve with all of these regulations.

According to a above, KPMG is in a primary position in sequence to yield technical recommendation (multidisciplinary and international) to Bitcoin companies that operates in opposite territories, ensuring them an effective correspondence with those regulation, given that a organisation has offices al around a world.


Bitcoin and Business Develpment

Bitcoin, the eminent digital currency, that came into start in a year 2009, has done it probable to send value but wanting a third party. This record works interjection to a cryptographic custom formed on a so called “blockchain”.

The blockchain is a open bill that can't be erased in which

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