Kraken Boosts Bitcoin Liqudiity Through Clevercoin Acquisition

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Bitcoin exchanges are always looking to expand their Reach. Kraken, one of Europe’s leading exchange platforms, acquired Dutch company CleverCoin. This acquisition seems to indicate the European Bitcoin market is set for a significant increase in volume.

CleverCoin has been making a name for itself among Belgian and Dutch Bitcoin enthusiasts so far. The company’s success has not gone by unnoticed, as leading European exchange Kraken decided to acquire the Dutch company. With the Brexit turning out differently from what people had anticipated, it is not unlikely Bitcoin trading volume in the region will increase.

Kraken Is On An Acquisition Roll

Kraken has been on somewhat of an acquisition spree as of late. After acquiring Cavirtex and Coinsetter earlier this year, CleverCoin is their third “purchase” in 2016. Kraken clearly has a plan for the future, and both Canada and Europe will play an integral part in the process. By acquiring the CleverCoin platform, Kraken solidifies its position as undisputed leading Bitcoin exchange in Europe.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell told the media:

“We plan to fold the CleverCoin brand into Kraken’s global umbrella while providing existing clients with seamless access to Kraken’s suite of features. CleverCoin clients will

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