Kraken Issues Warning as Phishing Website Ad Looms

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Popular Bitcoin exchange Kraken has issued a warning regarding a potential phishing website. Various company users have reported this fictitious platform, which seems to be appearing in advertisements across all the main search engines. Internet criminals are working hard to steal users’ Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency balances, that much is certain.

It appears as if someone is deliberately mimicking favorite websites for just about any cryptocurrency platform in existence right now. Google search results are littered with advertisements for malicious sites pretending to be the real deal. While most of these sites get removed temporarily, it is not a permanent solution by any means.

A Fake Kraken Website Appears Everywhere

The fake Kraken website shows up in the browser address bar as “”. Anyone who is paying attention to what they are doing will notice this issue straight away. On the outside, however, the site looks like an exact clone of the real Kraken, which is rather troublesome for novice users.

Then again, when conducting a Google search for “Kraken Bitcoin”, users will immediately see two results. The first link is an ad, which is never the real company site in the Bitcoin world. The one just below that is

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