Kraken Releases Anonymous Bitcoin Trading Feature for Large Bitcoin Buyers

Kraken Bitcoin ExchangeKraken Bitcoin Exchange

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

The bitcoin currency market is still a very small boat in a large sea when it comes to the world of currency. Bitcoin’s global digital currency is not like any fiat currency except in the fact that its relatively small size does make it vulnerable to high volatility and market fluctuations, just like a smaller fiat currency would be. A large purchase can act like a ship creating a huge wake next to a small sailboat, causing massive instability. Kraken is one of the world’s leading bitcoin exchanges and is looking to help solve this problem with their new “Dark Pool” program for large purchases of bitcoin.

Posted on Reddit by “h0oneypot”, the new release of Dark Pool looks like an email update through their newsletter or current customer mailing list. Additional information and details have not been posted to Kraken’s website.

“We are pleased to announce the

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