Kryptokit Launches Jaxx Ethereum & Bitcoin Wallet for Android Tablets

Kryptokit Launches Jaxx Ethereum & Bitcoin Wallet for Android Tablets

Earlier this month, Anthony Di Iorio, chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange, CEO and founder of Kryptokit and Decentral, and co-founder of Ethereum, announced the beta launch ofJaxx, a unified platform which provides wallet services for both Bitcoin and Ethereum users.

Jaxx wallets consist of a hierarchical deterministic Bitcoin wallet and a lightweight Ethereum wallet being developed by Kyptokit, a Bitcoin group entrusted with securing more than 500,000 Bitcoin wallets installed on their Chrome extension and Rushwallet products. Since its establishment in 2013, Kryptokit has maintained its reputation for providing a secure platform that has not experienced a single case of customer fund loss from hacking attacks or data breaches.

The Kryptokit team completed the launch of its wallets on Android, Apple iOS, Chrome Extension and Firefox Nightly. In the next few days, the Kryptokit development team will launch Jaxx Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for Windows desktop, Apple desktop, BlackBerry mobile and Linux kernel.

The Android tablet version of Jaxx wallets launched this week  features a single-page, intuitive and simple user experience, enabling Bitcoin and Ethereum users to transact the two digital currencies with ease. The coding of Jaxx Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for Android and iOS applications are

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