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Krypton Abandons Ethereum for Bitcoin Proof of Stake Blockchain after 51% Attack

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Krypton, an Ethereum-based blockchain, has announced that in sequence to strengthen a token silver KR from being stolen from exchanges by a double spend it has motionless on a proxy march of action.

In an announcement today, owner of Krypton Stephanie Kent said:

Krypton is relocating KR from an Ethereum-based proof-of-work blockchain to a Bitcoin-based proof-of-stake blockchain.

The 51% Crew

Last month, a Krypton blockchain was pounded twice by an unknown organisation famous as a 51 crew.

tor network attack

They were means to implement a lethal blockchain feat that was a two-step attack. The initial step was powerful a network with during slightest 51 percent of a hashing energy to capacitate a hurl behind on transactions, and subsequently spending a same coins twice. The second step was contracting DDoS nodes to boost network power.

The hackers were means to take 21,465 KR.

According to Kent, this feat exists for all Ethereum-based blockchain coded in golang and targets bondage with altogether low network hashing rates of 100GH/s or less. Shift, another Ethereum form coin, has

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