Lack of Sponsors Leads Montreal’s Bitcoin Expo to Be Postponed

The number of Bitcoin dedicated conferences to in 2015 suffered a considerable drop. Last year, Bitcoin conferences were held at least one per month on average. Currently, we have seen them drop down and being replaced with the showcasing of blockchain technology and payment innovation at various FinTech conferences..

Montreal has the most bitcoin ATMs per capita, and it would be the welcoming change for Montreal, home of the world’s first Bitcoin Embassy, to at least get one Bitcoin conference. Unfortunately, the Montreal Bitcoin Expo is being postponed, apparently because the organizers are having some difficulties in finding sponsors.

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Now, the conference website no longer shows any details, rather a large headline, “Montreal Bitcoin Expo-Withdrawal Announcement”, followed by explanations of the situation in English and French. The message’s tone and the fact that all details have been scrubbed from the site seem to suggest that the indefinite postponement is in fact, a cancelation.Montreal_BTCconf_article_midimage_NewsBtc

The conference would have brought together local and international pioneers in the field and offer discussions on both basic and advanced topics.

The organizers stated:

“Although we

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