Lamassu Plans Added Cost for Bitcoin ATM Operators

Vancouver Lamassu ATM

Lamassu has announced it will begin charging monthly subscription fees to pay for tech support and software upgrades.

While the service is not mandatory, Lamassu said that it will no longer offer free support to customers after the start date.

The actual fees required depend on the number of machines owned by an operator. For those who own between one and four machines, the monthly cost will be $100 per unit while charges for those who own between five and nine machines will be $90 per unit. Operators who run more than 10 ATMs will pay $80 per unit.

In interview, Lamassu CEO and co-founder Zach Harvey characterized the existing support framework as unsustainable, indicating that such a move has been in the works for some time.

Harvey told CoinDesk:

“Up until this point, we were just giving out support for free, and it’s something that’s just not sustainable. We can’t give full support for free, and it was something that was never included in the price of the machine.”

Harvey stressed that the company did not want to pursue an approach by which a percentage of transaction fees or profits would be taken out for support. According to

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