Landfills Are Filling Up With Bitcoin

Landfills Are Filling Up With Bitcoin

The Bitcoiners “FU” (shorthand for fuck up on the subrredit r/tifu) started six years ago when he was in college. As he states on the forum known as ‘Today I Fucked Up:’

Back then, “I had a hugely over-inflated sense of how intelligent I was. Rare for someone on reddit I know.”

He chose to, instead of get a part time job, make money on the internet. He set up an ad network of internet webpages.

“I also came across this thing called bitcoin, and people were giving them away for free on some websites,” he wrote, referencing Bitcoin faucets. “Everything I read about them said they were going to be the next big thing. Awesome, I’ll get myself some of those. Over the course of 1 semester I’d gotten around 150 bitcoins, which at the time was worth around $11.00. What a waste of fucking time! These things haven’t exploded like they were supposed to, back to my matched betting and AwesomeTM websites!”

The redditor stored his bitcoins on his laptop. When

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